Project Spotlight – Raised Ranch Remodel…Reimagined

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Reimagining the Classic Raised Ranch

On this first floor renovation in Wappingers Falls, NY we removed the wall between the kitchen and living room to blend the two spaces into one. We rearranged the layout, and added pantry cabinets for functionality. Refinishing the old hardwoods, rebuilding the entry stairs, and revamping the décor made a dramatic influence on the way the entire home feels inside.

20007 Full Kitchen Angled



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The dramatic impact of this remodel could not have been possible without the great ideas and stylings of the homeowners. They not only focused on what they wanted in their kitchen, but purchased new furniture and décor that helped create a cohesive look throughout the home.


The kitchen cabinetry was designed by Thorin Moss of Oakenshield Kitchens, based out of Poughkeepsie. You can check out more of Thorin’s work on his website by clicking the link above.


20007 Full Room Perspective 3 Dining Room



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The goal for this kitchen remodel was to allow the homeowners to entertain and feel like they’re still a part of the party, while adding storage and functionality along the way.

20007 Le Mans Accessory



Reimagining the Layout

The classic raised ranch home in our area typically has a set of stairs when you walk in, one going up half a level to the living area. The other set goes down half a floor to the basement.

20007 Stairs 3



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In the kitchen, it’s most common to have the sink on the exterior wall, centered on the window. The old range was on the interior wall adjacent to the living room. If we kept the same layout, the range hood would block the view into the living room. Closing off the window on the exterior wall, we swapped the range with the sink. Initially we spoke about losing the daylight from the window, but that was easily made up by the light brought in after dropping the center partition wall.

20007 Full Kitchen 2AFTER


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A 48” wide peninsula stretches a total of about 12’, which adds enough comfortable seating for four, and adds a focal point with the waterfall countertop.

Adjacent to the kitchen and dining area there was an alcove space, common to this house style and most commonly occupied by an underutilized china cabinet. In that area, we installed wall-to-wall cabinetry to serve as a pantry and coffee bar.

20007 Pantry Dining Table



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Final Thoughts

When brainstorming ideas for your kitchen, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Most homes in the Hudson Valley were built decades ago and don’t accommodate the lifestyle of a modern family. Focus on choosing a layout and design that’s both visually pleasing but functional for your needs. We love having the opportunity to turn your vision into a reality!


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