Meet the TEKRA Team- Steve Arket

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Stevo, Faj


Hobbies Outside work:

Mountain biking, road biking, dump runs, craft beer, mowing the lawn, vacuuming.


Past Experience/Background:

Chief Airplane Inspector for GE Aviation, where he also outfitted airplanes with custom cabinetry and upholstery. Constantly renovating and adding onto his home for the past 30+ years, he’s developed a great knowledge of every aspect of building.


What the Team Says about him:


A wealth of knowledge. I’m grateful to get the chance to work with him and learn from him.”


“Wealth of knowledge and experience. Keeps everyone on their toes with what saying or idiom he’s going to say!”


“A perfectionist with an eye for details and doing what’s right.”


“Very meticulous and his favorite tool by far is the vacuum!”


Team Superlative:


Most likely to be caught vacuuming.


What do you enjoy about working in the construction industry?




What is your favorite thing to do in the construction industry?


“Vacuum and clean.”


Best advice you were ever given?


“A clean job site is a happy job site!”


Favorite food:




Favorite sports team:


RWU Lacrosse


Favorite part about working at TEKRA:


“Seeing the younger guys develop their skills and being able to teach them.”


Best advice for someone who is looking to get into the trades?


“Master the skillset of vacuuming and dumping the vacuum. You can never have too clean of a site!”


Favorite movie:


My Cousin Vinny


Favorite show:


No time for TV, too much to vacuum.


Favorite thing about living in the Hudson Valley:


“The four seasons and ability to get outdoors!”


Favorite HV Restaurant:


Montebello’s – Poughquag, NY


What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?


“Road trip across the country in my sprinter van with my wife, Pam”



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