Meet the Tekra Team – Anton Herodes

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T-bone, Tony


Hobbies Outside work:

Landscaping, gardening, woodworking


Past Experience/Background:

Arlington High School 2012, SUNY New Paltz Class of 2016


What the Team Says about him:

“Keeps the team motivated, engaged, and in great spirits. He is always ready to take on a new challenge.”

“Fun to work with. Best at keeping team morale up!”

“Never afraid to get dirty and break a sweat. Can always rely on him for some comic relief throughout the day!”

“T-Bone is fun to work with and we can always count on him for a good laugh! He is a great worker and brings a fun atmosphere to the job.”


Team Superlative:

Most likely to brighten your day!


What do you enjoy about working in the construction industry?

“The biggest part I enjoy are the transformations you see take place. We get to live through the evolution of a new home for an excited family. I enjoy seeing the amazement in the clients’ eyes after each step.”


What is your favorite thing to do in the construction industry?

“The demolition phases!”


Best advice you were ever given?

“The best advice I ever got regarded roof safety. An old timer told me before you’re up on a ladder or roof, ‘if you think you’re going to fall, you’re halfway there.’ His emphasis was not on being lackadaisical but respecting and understanding how you walk on a roof.”


Favorite food:

Chicken and rice


Favorite sports team:

Buffalo Bills


Favorite part about working at TEKRA:

“Seeing the transformation of every home and the homeowner’s happiness once it’s all done.”


Best advice for someone who is looking to get into the trades?

“If you’re not passionate about it you probably shouldn’t do it. Don’t worry about your skill level compared to someone else.”


What advice would you give to someone who is considering a home remodel or building a new home?

“Prepare for the unexpected to happen with a home remodel. Understand that unforeseen problems may arise and are the nature of the beast.”


Favorite movie:

The Gladiator


Favorite show:



Favorite holiday:



Favorite thing about living in the Hudson valley:

“The four seasons and mountainous land.”


Favorite HV Restaurant:

Villa Nigrelli – Hopewell Junction, NY.


What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?

“To own my own nursery one day!”