Meet the Tekra Team – Anton Herodes

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ANTON HERODES – LABORER Nicknames: T-bone, Tony   Hobbies Outside work: Landscaping, gardening, woodworking   Past Experience/Background: Arlington High School 2012, SUNY New Paltz Class of 2016   What the Team Says about him: “Keeps the team motivated, engaged, and in great spirits. He is always ready to take on a new challenge.” “Fun to…

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Meet The Tekra Team – Esteban Burtica Bedoya

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ESTEBAN BURTICA BEDOYA – CARPENTER APPRENTICE Nicknames: Este, Garbanzo beans   Hobbies Outside work: Fixing up my truck, driving around and finding good places to eat with my girlfriend.   Past Experience/Background: Been swinging a hammer as long as I could remember. Attended the construction trades program at Dutchess BOCCES CTI.   What the Team…

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Meet The Tekra Team – Art Zegers

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ART ZEGERS – LEAD CARPENTER Nicknames: Arty, Arthur, Arty #5, Arty Ploppers, Artimus Maximus   Hobbies Outside work: “Hiking, fishing, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors with my wife and kids.”   Past Experience/Background: “Before working in the trades, I was just starting a career in the field of Civil Engineering. I made the switch because…

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